We Tried The Sydney Sweeney-Approved Haircare Collection And Our Hair Has Never Been Stronger

Introducing the holy grail of haircare.

Hair gone wrong is a tale as old as time (pun intended). There are the usual culprits: Break-up bangs, unruly knots and heat-damaged locks. For me, it was swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool that weakened and damaged my highlighted hair beyond repair… or so I thought.

When the new Kérastase Première collection landed on my desk, I was keen to see if the celebrity-approved line-up of products could restore my hair to its former glory.

The answer? Yes! The six-step haircare routine delivered instant results, radically reversing the damage while adding shine and a summery scent of citrus, mandarin, orange flowers and jasmine.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the luxurious new collection.

The Première Products

The Process

I like that the Première products work in tandem to address every aspect of repairing damaged hair, creating a well-rounded haircare regime.

The first step—the Intensive Repairing Concentrate—targets an unexpected adversary, calcium build-up. Did you know that when you wash your hair, calcium can accumulate and lead to persistent damage, making strands rough, dull and prone to breakage?

I certainly didn’t. Formulated with a concentrated blend of citric acid and glycine, this pre-shampoo treatment removes existing calcium buildup, reconnects broken links between keratin chains and protects against further calcium exposure in the shower. It’s the line’s hero product for good reason.

After applying the treatment to damp hair—working it from the roots to the ends—and letting it soak in for five minutes, I then added the sulfate-free Decalcifying & Repairing Shampoo directly on top. Once rinsed, I finished with the lightweight Repairing Conditioner  to restore moisture and strengthen strands.

My haircare routine just got a whole lot more luxurious.

Post-shower, I used a wide-tooth comb to detangle my hair, and then worked the anti-frizz Intensive Repairing Serum into my towel-dried tresses. This leave-in serum is designed to seal and fill hair strands, nourishing and protecting them from heat damage.

The Results

For a final touch of rejuvenation, I finished by lathering the anti-breakage Repairing Hair Oil on my dry hair. Fragrant and golden, the citrus-scented oil visibly reduced dullness and fortified my strands for salon-worthy shine.  

After one week of trialing the Première collection, my hair is glossier, silkier and stronger than ever. It’s like I’ve never stepped foot in a chlorinated pool (or suffered from calcium build-up, for that matter). 

Euphoria and Anyone But You star Sydney Sweeney attests to the impressive results, telling Vanity Fair that the French haircare brand is helping her on her hair health journey.

“I’ve always felt that my hair represents just how I’m feeling and who I am at that time.” says Sydney, a Kérastase ambassador. (Credit: Kérastase )

“I like to use a mask to really help calm and heal damaged hair—the Première line has this beautiful one. There’s also the Première repairing shampoo and conditioner, which has been amazing for my hair,” she says.

Shop the full Première collection here.

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