Here’s everything we know so far about Kanye’s make-up line

Starting with, why?

In yet another case of giving the world something it doesn’t need, Kanye West has decided to launch a make-up line.

How do we know this? Kanye has filed the necessary legal paperwork “declaring his intention to produce DONDA brand make-up, perfumes, lotions and other cosmetics,” TMZ reports.

Donda is the name of Kanye’s late mother, who passed in 2007. Kanye was spotted wearing a gold necklace bearing her name during New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

While Kanye already has a fashion line (Yeezy) under his belt, expanding his empire to include cosmetics is an interesting choice. Does Kanye wear make-up? Is Kim his muse? And isn’t he worried about awkward family dinners now that he’s in direct competition with sister-in-law Kylie? So many questions.

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