My Smile Has Never Been Fresher After Using This Tried-And-Tested Whitening Treatment

Pain-free and effective!

If you’re after ultra-pearly whites look no further than HiSmile’s Pap+ whitening treatment, which we have personally put to the test.

Whilst HiSmile are best known for their slew of high-performing dental products (and the viral purple toning serum!), they also offer professional grade in-clinic treatments using their signature Pap+ whitening technology. I tried the quick, pain-free treatment myself, here’s the low down..

What It Is

Well, it’s the Hismile PAP+ in-clinic treatment, of course.

What It Does

Known for its innovative teeth whitening products, Hismile also has an in-clinic treatment using its cult PAP+ whitening formula (also found in the brand’s whitening strips and kit). It nixes any issues associated with tooth and gum sensitivities and also avoids “zingers” (the short, sharp pains that can temporarily accompany some whitening treatments). All up, it’s a comfortable and effective way to remove stains and brighten your smile.

What We Thought

I visited FY Smile clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay, which feels more sanctuary than clinic, so I was instantly much calmer than usual for a dental treatment. Once in the chair, the dentist applied the PAP+ formula to my teeth. It’s peroxide free, which I like, and doesn’t release free radicals, another plus. After the serum was applied, the Hismile VIO405 light device was trained on my soon-to-be pearly whites. I did feel some heat around my lips and gums but there was no pain or zingers (my biggest fear with teeth whitening). The serum was reapplied four times at 15-minute intervals. The hardest bit about this treatment is patiently sitting through the four sessions under the light. But, happily, the clinic has Netflix playing on the ceiling to help you pass the time.

The Results

Following other treatments, I’ve had sensitivities and zingers for a solid 24 hours. But with this Hismile treatment I had no pain at all. My teeth looked brighter, whiter and cleaner afterwards, and those results lasted for weeks. The experience has also inspired me to use the at-home whitening kit, strips and enamel-care serum to keep the results going. 

For Best Results

One treatment every six to 12 months, with at-home whitening for maintenance. COST From $750, which includes a comprehensive check-up, clean and your whitening treatment.

Where To Get It

FY Smile clinic in Double Bay, Sydney,

Maintain Your Results With: 


HiSmile Smooth Mint Toothpaste, $13 at HiSmile


HiSmile V34 Colour Corrector Serum, $35 at HiSmile


HiSmile PAP+ Whitening Strips, $29 at HiSmile

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