What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

This is what your signature perfume says about you

Nothing compares to the power of scent to transport us back to a special day or to reignite a forgotten love.

Whether you intend it or not, your perfume serves as a personal scent memory that becomes your signature. In an ideal world, each fragrance note will tell a story that is so intrinsically you – your scent and personality marry together.

While there might be a myriad of techniques out there for finding your signature scent our method is simple: find one that you like.

If you’re reading this there’s a strong chance you haven’t found your perfect match. Fear not – there’s still abundant opportunity to discover your next great scent. Here, we have assembled four distinct and buzz-worthy new perfumes to inspire your very own fragrance personality.

For The Dreamer 

Louis Vuitton

The scent: Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves ($340 for 100ml at;

Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud was inspired by “waking dreams” when he created Louis Vuitton’s ninth fragrance. Top notes of cocoa and peony are an invitation to “a wondrous journey somewhere between dream and reality,” he says. This floral musk scent develops to reveal base notes of patchouli and lychee.

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For The Romantic 


The scent: Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori ($160 for 50ml; at

New creative director Alessandro Michele’s debut fragrance captures the house’s contemporary new vision with this sophisticated floral scent. Opening with the richness of white flowers – tuberose and Jasmine bloom to leave an unexpectedly alluring scent on the skin. Designed to turn heads.

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For The Visionary 

by redo

The scent: Byredo Eleventh Hour ($184 for 50ml; at

This haunting fragrance feels as though it was created during a glamorous time gone by. “Eleventh Hour is an exploration around the smell of things ending, a journey to the end of time, the last perfume on earth.” That’s how Byredo describes the French fragrance house’s newest scent. At its heart is the enchanting aroma of fig – the forbidden fruit – unfolding to reveal notes of bergamot, cashmere woods and tonka bean.

For The Classicist


The scent: Chanel Gabrielle ($174 for 50ml at;

As Chanel’s first major fragrance launch in fifteen years, Gabrielle pays homage to the essence of Coco Chanel’s rebellious spirit. The new eau de parfum was created by perfume-legacy Olivier Polge, who’s father Jacques was the house’s previous nose and creator of Chanel Chance. He describes Gabrielle as “abstract floral”, designed to reflect four flowers. At its core are jasmine, tuberose and orange blossom. 

For The Icon 


The scent: Chloé Absolu De Parfum ($110 for 30ml at;

Encapsulating the essence of Parisian style that the French fashion house was first founded on sixty years-ago, Chloé Absolu De Parfum is a sparkling floral scent. Inspired by the original Chloé fragrance – the intensity and depth of the Damascena rose, already present in the original fragrance, is increased. While vanilla and patchouli add a hint of sensuality. 

For The Bright Star 

Elizabeth arden

The scent: Elizabeth Arden My Fifth Avenue ($60 for 50ml; at

Inspired by the bold energy of the epicenter of style: Fifth Avenue in New York. This fragrance is simply dazzling. An invigorating floral – blending bright citrus notes with jasmine and lotus for a lively scent that demands attention. 

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