3 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Skin Care Routine

A top dermatologist weighs in

When it comes to their daily skin care some women prefer a maximalist 12-step regimen. While others opt for a minimalist approach, consisting of a just tight edit of products. According to Dermatologist Dr Christine Armor, both philosophies are equally valid. 

“The most important thing is that you’re applying the appropriate active ingredients to achieve your skincare goals.  Most women are busy and time-poor, so want an efficient skincare with as few steps as possible.  However, others enjoy the multi-step  “Korean” approach to skincare.”

Skin care that works while you sleep

Our bodies are designed to repair while we sleep. Considering our skin is the body’s largest organ, nighttime is a great time to nourish and revitalise our skin cells. 

Dr Armor advises: “Our final steps at night should include the application of a moisturiser and active ingredients to address repair of damage caused by environmental damage during the day (again DNA repair enyzymes and antioxidants) and well rejuvenating ingredients (such as retinoids and alpha/poly hydroxy acids).  Again this can be achieved through multi-tasking products that ”do it all’ or using multiple different products.”  

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Estee Lauder

What’s the most common mistake women are making with their nighttime regimen?  

“Using an expensive eye cream in addition to their night cream.  We have been told that it’s really important to use a different product in the delicate eye area as opposed to the night cream that we use on the rest of our face.  In most cases, the product that you use at night to repair, rejuvenate and moisturise the rest of your face, is appropriate to achieve these functions in the eye area,” Dr Armour explains. 

Eye Cream

Head to toe skin care 

A winning beauty regimen shouldn’t just include your face. A step most people forget about is to look after the rest of their body. The main culprit? Using harsh soaps in the shower.

“Individuals that suffer from sensitive or dry skin should consider products that contain beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 that are gentle on the skin. This ensures that the skin’s oil is replenished and not stripped away,” Dr Armor explains.

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