Is Frank’s New Face Mask As Good As Its Coffee Scrubs?

An investigation.

Thanks to an extremely savvy marketing campaign, the whole world is familiar with the little Aussie skincare label that could, Frank Body, and their granular coffee scrubs. There was a time when our Instagram feeds were full of beaming faces covered in ground-up Arabica coffee beans – and once a week, our showers were the same (and often still are).

Now Frank has branched out, launching its first ever face mask this month. Unlike the scrub, the Glow mask, $21.95, is smooth and hydrating, rather than exfoliating. But it still delivers a strong caffeine hit thanks to Arabica coffee seed oil – billed as “a double espresso for your skin.”

Unlike many face masks, the Glow is designed to be applied in the morning, pre make-up application. Soothing and hydrating, it aims to leave you with a plumped up, glowing base for make-up (or just your skincare).

It’s thicker than most face masks I’m used to, and predictably, it smells delicious. Since it’s so thick, you can slather it on then rush around the house without having to worry about it sliding down your chin.

After 10 minutes I wash it off and my skin does feel softer. I don’t even need to bother with my usual serum-then-moisturiser routine before make-up.

While it’s designed for all skin types, I feel this one’s particularly suited for complexions on the drier side – or anyone prone to wind-chapped cheeks in winter. The mask also contains goji berry extract and raspberry seed oil to deliver antioxidants and vitamins E and A into the skin.

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