Iconic Redhead Isla Fisher Is No Longer A Redhead

You'll hardly recognise her

It looks like people will finally be able to tell apart Isla Fisher and Amy Adams because one of Hollywood’s most iconic redheads has gone blonde. 

Taking to Instagram on January 1st, Isla revealed her part-platinum, part-honey blonde hair with the caption, “Go blonde in ‘19 or go home.” 

Over the years, the Australian actress has both lightened and darkened her natural red locks, however, she had never completely ditched the shade before. 

Fans quickly responded to the photo with many noting how different Isla looks. “This is a different person,” one wrote. “I didn’t even recognise you!!!” another commented. 

One person was quick to point out that Isla no longer looks like fellow redhead actress Amy Adams anymore, a comparison that was so frequent Isla once had to tell people that she and Adams were actually “totally different people”.

“We have totally different names; hence, we are totally different people,” she joked on Jimmy Kimmel, “It’s really not that confusing.” 

isla fisher

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