The new addition to Kim Kardashian’s entourage will shock you

Does anyone else in the world travel like this?

After an extended hiatus from sharing her life on social media (following the Paris hotel room robbery), Kim Kardashian is back – and the tidbits she’s dishing out on her Snapchat account are more unbelievable than ever.

Take this as a recent example: travelling to Dubai last week, Kimmy K revealed she likes to travel with – wait for it – her cosmetic surgeon. So far, so Kardashian.

Turns out one of the secrets to Kim’s beauty routine is mile-high facials, specifically laser treatments, which cosmetic surgeon Dr Simon Ourian performs in the plane.

“Most people just think I have good genes,” Kim says in a Snap. “So I want to introduce you to my good genes, who I travel with, to Dubai: Dr Ourian.” Cue Dr Ourian (who, when he isn’t travelling by private jet to Dubai, is based in Beverly Hills) waving from the airport lounge.

As further proof, Kim then snapped the sci-fi goggles she wears during her “plane laser” treatments.

And there we were thinking in-flight sheet masks were fancy.

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