This Is Why Your Make-Up Doesn’t Last All Day

And how to make sure it does

By now you know the basics – cleanse first to rid the skin of surface oil, always use primer for a perfect finish (with a hydrating or mattifying formula depending on your skin type) and powder to set the look. Been there, done that.

But if you find your make-up is still melting away by 3pm, or – worse – starting to look cakey – don’t panic: the solution is surprisingly simple. We asked Rae Morris, Priceline Pharmacy Make-up Director and regular at Fashion Weeks across the globe, for her backstage secrets to ensure your make-up works as hard as you do – and looks just as good at your desk as it does at after-work drinks.

1/Rethink your foundation

Forget everything you think you know about foundation: if you want it to last for as long as possible, you should actually apply less, not more. “The more product you have on your face, the more likely it will just run off,” says Morris. “My approach is thin, light layers – applying foundation with a beauty blender really helps blend everything in and makes your skin look flawless.”

Her other surprising tip? Step away from the long-lasting foundation. “I tend to stay away from the very long-lasting formulas as I think the finish can be a bit dry-looking,” Morris reveals. “I would rather opt for a lighter texture all over and correct any other areas with a concealer – this will make your skin look fresh and flawless for longer, rather than using a stronger long-lasting formula that can look a bit powdery.” Morris suggests Nude By Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation, available in store at Priceline Pharmacy.

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2/ Be strategic with powder

Translucent powder is the double-edged sword of your make-up bag: used correctly, it works a charm, but over-use and the effects can be dire. “For me, the less powder the better on the skin, especially under the eyes,” cautions Morris, who says powder in this area can look instantly ageing. “Instead, take a fluffy brush and a tiny bit of a translucent powder and lightly dust your forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, as these areas tend to get more oily. Leave the rest powder-free for a natural glow.”

Always tap the brush on the lid of your powder to remove any excess before you apply to your face, and find a formula that’s lightweight and virtually invisible on the skin: we like Revlon Touch And Glow Face Powder.

3/ Highlight to give skin a lift

Skin looking as tired as you feel by 5pm? If you’re heading out after work, a few well-placed dabs of a highlighting stick will instantly revive your complexion. “Freshen your skin by applying a cream highlighter to the high points of your cheeks, tip of your nose and cupid’s bow,” guides Morris. She also likes to add highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes, as seen in her how-to video above. Stash Morris’ favourite, the Luma On The Glow Highlighter Stick, in your desk drawer for after-dark emergencies.

Have a bit more time? “With a damp beauty blender, apply a thin layer of foundation to freshen your skin, a sweep of bronzer, brush up your brows and a bold lip to quickly take you from day to night,” says Morris.

4/ Spritz some of this

Powder isn’t the only product capable of giving your make-up extra staying power – the new wave of setting mists is designed exactly for this purpose, without leaving you with a cakey or overly matte finish. Morris recommends the Models Prefer Finale Make-Up Setting Mist – it’s alcohol-free, lightweight and keeps your face looking fresh. Keep some in your desk drawer to set any touch-ups you do throughout the day.

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