Meghan Markle Is Using Amal Clooney’s Hair Stylist For The Royal Wedding

But will people think it's just messy?

Meghan Markle’s signature hairstyle – a loose chignon (some would say messy bun) with wavy, face-framing tendrils – has drawn the internet’s ire ever since she and Prince Harry made their very first public appearance.

Compared to Kate Middleton’s perpetually polished locks, Ms Markle’s hair was deemed windswept at best, inappropriate at worst (personally, we don’t see the problem). 

But now, the hairdresser responsible has been named – and what’s more, it’s been confirmed that he’s on board to do Markle’s hair for the royal wedding.

The Mail reports that Miguel Perez of Salon Sloane in Chelsea, London, is doing Meghan Markle’s wedding day hair, and has also been styling it for her recent royal appearances.

meghan markle hair
(Credit: Getty)

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Perez is also the preferred hairstylist of another iconic brunette, Amal Clooney – in fact, he did her big day hair too. Harper’s Bazaar UK reports that Amal introduced Perez to Meghan, and that the Clooneys will attend the May 19 nuptials. 

Given Meghan’s penchant for a low, loose chignon, our money is on her choosing a similar style for her wedding day beauty look.

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