Nobody understands Kendall Jenner’s weird new accessory

Hint: it’s not the hoodie

It wasn’t Kendall Jenner’s crocheted, snow-white hoodie that caused a stir at the Love magazine and Burberry London Fashion Week after party. Nor was it her glossy, fire engine red lip.

Nope – it was her gleaming gold back teeth that kind of stole all the attention.

Flashing gilded canines and back molars, Kendall Jenner smiled her way through the night as she partied with Bella Hadid and Lily Donaldson. And we learnt a valuable lesson: light levels are crucial if you want to rock gold grillz. In good light, the 24-carat covering gleams. In bad light, well, it kind of looks like day-old kale (someone sack Kendall’s stylist and get us on board, stat).

The heavy metal accessory has ignited rumours that Kendall is dating A$AP Rocky, a longtime fan of glitzy mouth bling. Couples that accessorise together, stay together?

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