Paris Hilton Has Lost Her Blonde Hair

It’s the end of an era

Paris Hilton’s heyday will be forever etched into the memory of all of us who lived through the noughties – long before Instagram reared its heavily filtered head, she was famed for her long peroxide blonde hair, rampant narcissism and penchant for bubble gum pink.

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But it’s 2017, and Paris Hilton as we knew her is no more. Say hello to Paris 2.0 – one who’s swapped sequins for sedate black lace and, all the more shockingly, blonde hair for demure bronde:

paris hilton bronde hair
(Credit: Getty)

Hilton unveiled her drastic colour change at Paper magazine’s Make-A-Wish Foundation runway show in LA this week. While she’s kept the length, her new look is lighter at the roots and gradually darkens from the mid-lengths to ends – a far cry from the all-over platinum we’re used to.

paris hilton brown hair
(Credit: Getty)

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