Post-Summer Skin And Hair Fixes That Will Have You Glowing In No Time

Revitalise from head to toe

There’s a fine line between being sun-kissed and sun-damaged. A bit of beach frolicking in summer may lift your spirits and vitamin D levels, but unfortunately, it can also leave your skin and hair a little worse for wear. By changing up your beauty rituals this autumn, you’ll be back to smooth, soft and dewy in no time.

Body bliss

If your limbs are looking on a little dry and scaly, a good exfoliate and daily slathering of a nourishing balm will help smooth and hydrate post-summer skin. Get yourself a natural-bristled body brush and work it all over your body for five minutes before getting into the shower. Afterwards, slather on a rich, nourishing balm like endota’s Coconut & Grapefruit Melting Body Balm. Its intensely nourishing formula literally melts into the skin upon application and its deliciously tropical scent will help to keep those summer feels alive (because we aren’t ready to let go just yet).

Brunette hair

Luscious locks

There is no denying that tussled beach hair is a staple summer look, but come autumn, those salty, sun-highlighted tresses can start resembling a brittle, stringy mess. If your mane is looking a little lacklustre after summer, commit to regular masks to bring it back to a soft and silky state. Try John Frieda’s Detox and Repair Masque, which is packed with antioxidant-rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil; both great for smoothing out and revitalising stressed hair. Book an appointment with your hair stylist to cut off those dry, damaged ends and, if you’re up for a change, why not try out a gorgeous, autumnal colour? Hues of honey, cognac and chestnut are bang-on season and will add warmth to your look as the weather cools down.

Saving face

The delicate skin on our face takes a beating under the hot sun, so autumn is a great time to start some damage control. Introducing retinol into your evening skin care routine will help combat any pigmentation issues that have developed over summer, as well as targeting fine lines and a myriad of other skin concerns. If you are not already a fan of this skin care hero, now’s the time to start. Aspect Retinol Brulee is formulated with powerful ingredients that accelerate cell turnover and help brighten and firm the skin. A good quality face oil will become your skin’s best friend, particularly in the cooler months. Face oils mimic the natural oils in the skin so they are effortlessly absorbed and create a barrier to lock in hydration. For an incredible treat, try Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil. This silky oil not only feels incredibly luxe, it works wonders to plump up and revitalise skin, leaving you with a smooth, dewy glow.

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