Hate nail art? We promise you’ll love this

How could you not?

Remember those gorgeous, flower-strewn faces on the Preen runway for S/S ’17?

The fashion house’s latest show, which took place in London over the weekend, delivered an infinitely more wearable – and just as pretty – take on the trend: teeny tiny blooms dotted on bare nails.

In a show trussed up with spring blooms on everything from ruffled silk dresses to gossamer-spun socks, it was a fitting tribute to the northern hemisphere’s incoming season.

Manicurist Marian Newman created the petal-perfect look, telling Elle UK she set dried flowers onto a layer of clear base coat, then brushed on a clear top coat to seal.

“If you google tiny dried flowers so many come up to buy,” Newman said.

We know what we’re doing this weekend. 

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