Help! Easter Totally Wrecked My Skin

Anything but eggscellent

If you’re anything like me, the Easter long weekend (otherwise known as my beloved 4-day-chocolate-diet extravaganza) did more than just make me want more days off – it also increased my sugar levels which, for me, means more pimples. So now my skin looks anything but rested and relaxed.   

What to do?

Rationale director Richard Parker is here with some urgent skin SOS:

  1. Cystic acne

These are the Big Bad Bullies of zits. The large, often painful bumps underneath the skin usually stick around for longer than you’d like, and the inflamed pockets of bacteria can also be highly infectious if they do decide to (ever) surface and burst. Not cute, super annoying. For fast relief, “an anti-cyst steroid usually flattens these stubborn lumps in 24-48 hours,” says Parker, so get to your dermatologist for a prescription, pronto. And please practice the patience you harnessed at Lent and Do. Not. Touch.

  1. Rough and dry skin

The appearance of dry skin doesn’t always mean dehydrated skin, and the cause of said dry skin will determine your plan of attack. If it actually is just dry skin, “a 10% lactic acid treatment reactivates the skin’s luminosity enzymes and floods it with moisture, leaving it dewy and golden,” explains Parker. If, however, you have ….

  1. Dry but oily skin (aka, psycho skin)

You need something more. If you’re experiencing skin that seems dry/red/flaky/itchy BUT is also oily to the touch, you may be suffering from seborrheic dermatitis (aka seb derm) which can resemble psoriasis or eczema. Seb derm can’t be treated the same way you would dry skin; instead, Parker suggests “a broad spectrum antimicrobial and hydrocortisone cream to restore skin smoothness and clarity within 2-3 days.”

Looking for a fast fix near you? Parker has the following derms on his speed dial: 

SYDNEY: Dr Michelle Hunt, Rhodes 

MELBOURNE:  Dr Alice Rudd, St Kilda East   

BRISBANE: Dr Tania Zappala, Newstead 

CANBERRA: Dr Leona Yip, Barton 

PERTH: Dr Tim Elliot, South Perth 

ADELAIDE: Dr Ivan Simmons, Plympton  8297 4344

HOBART: Dr Frances Watkins

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