Forget Fighting Wrinkles: THIS Trick Will Actually Make You Look Years Younger

No needles required

Take it from the man who first used Botox for anti-ageing purposes: skin texture, not wrinkles, is what makes you look older.

It’s a message Australian make-up artist Rae Morris has taken to heart. She heard the aforementioned Dr Michael Kane present the above proposal in a lecture. “He was asked, ‘if you could only do one procedure on all women’s faces to make her look the most youthful, what would it be?’” she recalls. “And he answered, ‘I wouldn’t touch a wrinkle, I would just even out the skin.’ And I thought to myself, I’m a make-up artist – I can do that.”

Having just launched what are possibly the world’s most luxurious make-up brushes into Mecca Cosmetica, Morris is well-placed to comment on anti-ageing beauty tips. Her new Jishaku brushes, made in Japan by calligraphy masters, take a mind-blowing 90 steps to make (the average pharmacy brush will require two to five), delivering your most flawless, buffed-to-perfection skin finish yet.

Below, Morris schooled us in how to look younger with makeup – and how to fake the kind of skin texture that would make Dr Kane green with envy.

1/ Blend, blend and blend again

For Morris, perfectly applied foundation is the key to dewy, youthful-looking skin texture. “When you think something’s blended, do a hundred more strokes,” instructs Morris. “The only way to get that blurred, soft-focus effect is to really buff product into the skin.” Try her new Radiance Brush #26, which delivers an air-brushed finish.

2/ Blush up

Guilty of over-applying your blush? Your brush could be to blame. “Brushes are like shoes in that they need to have a precise fit,” says Morris. That means choosing a blush brush that suits the size of your cheekbones – go too big, and you’ll risk clown-like circles of rouge. “As you get older, your cheeks sink, so a large blush brush will just make the cheeks look larger and add more weight to the face,” Morris says.

Instead, keep blush above your natural contour and always brush up, not down.

rae morris magnetic makeup brush
Rae Morris Jishaku Radiance #26 Brush (Credit: Mecca Cosmetica)

3/ Steer clear of shimmer

Take Angelina Jolie as your beauty muse here – she’ll happily play with either a bold lip and nude eye, or a nude lip with a smoky eye, but never touches shimmer eyeshadow. “Shimmer settles into wrinkles and will make you look older,” Morris explains, adding, “Don’t go with trends, but stick with what makes you look beautiful.” Keep the shimmer powder strictly for your collarbone and cupid’s bow.

4/ Don’t forget touch-ups

“Maintenance is what keeps you youthful,” says Morris. But she’s not just talking skincare, but touching up your face throughout the day. “It’s about taking your beauty blender with you and if you get lines you can buff them back out. It’s about taking a wipe and taking that foundation off and then taking thirty seconds to reapply freshly. It’s like changing your clothes.” Keep a hydrating mist by your desk to refresh and tone your skin throughout the day.

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