Roxy Jacenko’s Secret Beauty Trick Revealed

The PR queen reveals her secret must-have beauty product and it’s less than $12

PR queen and author Roxy Jacenko is well-known for her love of designer handbags and shoes — and the stunning entrepreneur never puts a foot wrong when it comes to her beauty routine either.

While Jacenko may fork out for some pricy beauty treatments, not all of Roxy’s beauty tricks require a black Amex. One place she is happy to save is for her hands and feet. So how does the business woman keep her feet looking their best in her Alaïa heels? Her go-to product is DU’IT, an Australian foot and hand care brand designed to soften even the toughest of skin. Best news? You can buy it from your local Priceline Pharmacy.

“Being time poor, I need an at-home solution to ensure my hands and feet are always in good condition — year round,” says Jacenko, who has just been named ambassador for the DU’IT brand.

With no added petrolatum, parabens, lanolin, allergens or irritants, this range of hand and foot care products is a rapid-relief solution for dry skin, heel cracks and chapped, sore hands.

Jacenko has worn many hats when it comes to her career and life (PR maven, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author and mother), but one role which people don’t often know about is her early career as a florist — no wonder all of the floral arrangements at the PR queen’s events are so stunning!

“DU’IT was a product I started using some years ago when I was working part-time as a florist,” says Jacenko. “I haven’t looked back; it’s affordable and it works!”

 Perfect for the cold winter months upon us, this is one beauty treatment that won’t break the bank.

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