Scarlett Johansson’s Make-Up Artist Has The Ultimate Mascara Trick

It’s eye-opening (see what we did there?)

When we asked Scarlett Johansson’s make-up artist for the one beauty product he couldn’t work without, his answer surprised us. Because it’s not foundation, concealer or even highlighter that Frankie Boyd relies on, but the perfect waterproof mascara. That, and a lash curler.

“I am absolutely eyelash obsessed,” he says, adding that most of his time painting a face is spent perfecting his subject’s lashes.

His favourite mascara? NARS Audacious “because it’s very black and it doesn’t flake.”

To get the most out of the product and achieve the fullest, flutteriest lashes known to man, Boyd follows the below four steps:

  1. “I start with a very tight and close curl, pumping the curler while counting to 10.”
  2. “I use the tip of the brush to load the mascara heavy at the root, and brush it out toward the tips for a wispier effect.”
  3. “I literally paint the lower lashes with a tiny angle brush for control and to get the product very close to the root.”
  4. “I carry disposable mascara wands in my kit to brush out any imperfections at the end.”

Beyond mascara, Boyd preps Scarlett Johansson’s skin with La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream, mixed with a few drops of La Mer Renewal Oil. He uses NARS The Multiple in Copacabana to highlight the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, top of chin and the high planes of the cheekbones, “to give skin dimension and create that celebrity glow.”

His other expert tip? After applying eyeshadow and mascara, Boyd cleans up the under-eye area using La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel “to remove any mess I may have made to hydrate the skin before applying eye concealer.” No wonder Scar-Jo looks so good.

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