We Tried The Hottest New Launches At Sephora Right Now, So You Can Invest Wisely

Here are our 10 favourite!
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A few (wonderous) times a year Sephora Australia holds their coveted House Of Sephora event where beauty lovers rejoice over the hottest brands and shiny new products. We sit down with the founders, peep at upcoming launches coming to a store near you and get the low-down on the cult-favourite formulas going viral.

Since attending, we’ve been slathering, blending and soaking (literally) it all up in the name of beauty testing.

There’s nothing better than spending your hard earned cash on a beauty product you know has been put through it’s paces (and approved). It’s the wisest way to invest. So, after a week of trialling, here are the stand-out products we’re loving so far.  



Wella Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue, $48 at Sephora

Sally Hunwick, Beauty Director

Things I can do in 90 seconds: make a cup of tea, check my Instagram, brush my teeth, reapply lipstick. And I can now add repair my hair. This new bond repairer from Wella is dosed with AHA and Omega-9 to protect my strands from the inside out.

You can use it with the brand’s Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to really strengthen and repair (they’re also available at Sephora) but as I didn’t have those on hand, I tried it with my regular shampoo and conditioner, spraying it onto my toweldried hair. I found that my highlighted hair is so much more shiny and manageable post blow-drying and I love that the omega-9 coats the hair to protect it against heat styling. A timesaver in the morning and great hair all day? Yes please.


Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump in Mauve, $40 at Sephora 

Francesca Hartley, Beauty Writer

After just two days of road testing, I was sold. And by sold, I mean I had already purchased a backup of the same dreamy ‘Mauve’ shade.

It deposits just the right amount of rosy brown pigment while melting into a sheer barely-there hue. A true your-lips-but-better. The balmy consistency mimics a high shine gloss without the stickiness. It’s dosed with skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin C (to promote collagen production), Essential Fatty Acids (to hydrate) and a cocktail of antioxidant-rich fruit and berry extracts that will leave your lips feeling just as juicy as they look.


Pixi BeautifEYE Brightening Eye Patches, $38 at Sephora

SH: Between work and children and watching the next series of Minx, I can wake up looking a little dark and dull around the eyes. So when I find these stick-on gel patches from Pixi, I’m all in. Post shower, I pop them on clean skin while I make the school lunches. Ten minutes later I pull them off and swear my eyes look a little brighter – they certainly feel fresher.

You can keep these in the fridge too (handy as I’m already in there) and the following day, the added coolness helps smooth out any lingering puffiness. Each single-use patch is dosed with antioxidants, peptides and caffeine which all work to zap darkness (so I make sure to tap in the excess serum), they’re also budget friendly and Insta-worthy and make me look like I have slept a full 8 hours. Tick Tick and tick. 

by rosie jane

By Rosie Jane Wake The F*ck Up Deodorant, $28 at Sephora 

FH: While I love natural deodorants (I’ve been a convert for a few years now), I often struggle finding one that a) works b) lasts and c) isn’t a solid bar-soap” texture.

The latest liquid spray offering from By Rosie Jane meets all the criteria. It’s packed with non-irritants like Aloe and Chamomile to soothe, while odour-fighting Hamamelis Virginiana aka witch hazel does the heavy lifting, removing excess moisture and killing bacteria. Anchored with fragrant base notes of Citrus and Yuzu, the uplifting scent lasts all day and lingered well into the evening.  

Tip: If this is your first rendezvous with aluminium free deodorants, there’s an initial detox period which tends to be difficult (read: smelly). Try a ‘pit detox mask to assist.  


Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturiser, $92 at Sephora

SH: Californian clean-tech brand Biossance is always coming up with ways to drench skin with hydration. This newly formulated gel has squalane which doses skin with moisture, while helping to clarify blemish-prone, red or irritated skin. Lightweight with a shine-free finish, I like the feeling of this moisturiser on my skin and rate the added probiotics, red seaweed and ginger extract, which help to balance out a stressed-out complexion and calm skin.

I’m going to enlist this newbie in summer when my skin can be more prone to humidity-induced sheen, and perhaps after an in-clinic treatment when my skin needs a bit of extra calm.   

one size powder

One/Size Ultimate Setting Powder in Pink, $57 at Sephora 

FH: Thanks to many hours spent on #beautytok, I’ve watched the rise of pink setting powders (and their DIY counterparts) in real time. So, when I got my hands on the newest addition to the One/Size Setting Powder range – I was stoked.

The cool-toned pink shade works to counteract darker tones that would typically still peek through with a traditional or translucent powder. I focused the soft pink hue on the outer half of my undereye, where I experience some blueness, and gently blended down to the cheekbone for a seamless transition. My previously hollow “bags” were a distant memory as the finely milled formula blurred straight over sunken contours with ease (and without creasing).  

nudestix blush

Nudestix Nudies Matte + Glow Core, $43 at Sephora

SH: I love a product that can multi-task – and they get bonus points if I can chuck them in my bag without fear of spillage. Nudestix is literally built on this premise (if you haven’t tried their chubby Nudies you definitely should) so I was so happy to find the brand’s multi-tasking matte cream blush stick, which now comes with a glow-making core.

The formula glides onto my cheeks easily and you can either work in with fingers or do as I do and buff it in with a makeup brush. The finish is matte, but the magical inner core gives the illusion that this glow that I now have is all mine. I also rate that I can also add the formula to my lips and eyelids for that pretty all-over pink look that is so big right now. Love.  


Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Balancing Emulsion, $69 at Sephora

FH: What is a moisturising emulsion, you may ask? It’s a balance of tiny oil droplets (great for retaining moisture) mixed with a water base (to promote healthy skin function). And when I tried Fresh’s version it was love at first pump! 

Dosed with plumping ingredients like Rose Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Damask Rose Extract, the thick, milky consistency thins to a weightless satin finish. Beyond it’s intended purpose, of leaving skin hydrated and dewy, it multitasks as a primer and glow getter (when applied to the high points of the cheek). It’s also a favourite of makeup artist Rae Morris, who suggests adding the emulsion into your foundation for a sheer, boosted glow. 


Virtue Flourish® Brow Density Booster Serum, $112 at Sephora 

FH: If the saying Eyebrows are cousins, not sisters” rings true, I’d liken my brows to 2nd cousins once removed. Their thick and dark, which means sparse patches and irregular arches tend to be noticeable. I’ve enlisted Virtue’s new Flourish® Brow Density Booster Serum to help.

It contains a patented Alpha Keratin 60ku Clinical® protein to support new growth and a Specialty Tetrapeptide Blend to address uneven patches and enhance fullness. While it’s still early days (results can take up to 3 months to eventuate), a week of consistent (and liberal) application has seen some promising brow stubble” emerge.  

cloud nine

Cloud Nine 2 in 1 Contouring Iron Pro, $549 at Sephora  

FH: Anything that will cut down my styling time is a big win! Cloud Nine’s curved ceramic plates make for foolproof and varied styling (think: sleek and smooth to the bounciest of curls). It’s designed with Spring-Flex Technology that adjusts around hair upon closure, to style locks without an overly concentrated level of heat (which often results in damage).

It’s quick, easy to use (trust me), and delivers long-lasting results.  

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