It’s The Single Most Popular Face Mask In France. So Naturally, We Had To Try It

Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Lara Worthington all swear by it

Face masks, I’ve tried a few. And the difference between the ones left languishing at the back of my bathroom cupboard and those that get every last drop of product squeezed out of them in record time is three-fold: they must 1) work 2) smell nice and 3) be easy enough for the lazy girl in me to actually bother to use.

Sisley’s Black Rose Cream mask is one such product. I’m not alone in my obsession – Lara Worthington, J-Law, Salma Hayek, Emma Stone and celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, who are all ardent Black Rose admirers too.

In real people terms, one Black Rose Mask sells every three minutes around the world (and has done since its launch in 2011) and it’s held the title of number one face mask in France for the past six years. Impressive? Mais oui.

I like to apply it every Sunday night after I’ve cleansed and toned with rosewater (I’m liking Akhal’s organic version right now). Rather than smother it on like a mask, I think of it as an extra-indulgent night cream, and wear a less thick layer to bed. The beauty of this approach is that I actually mask weekly – throw in an extra step, like having to wash it off, and I won’t go near it unless my skin situation is seriously dire (lazy, me? Yes).

The Sisley Black Rose Cream mask is designed for tired, stressed out skin. Along with Black Rose extract, it’s loaded up with vitamins, minerals and amino acids like copper, zinc, manganese, marine microalgae extract, red vine leaf extract, pro-vitamin B5 and shea butter for hydration.

Although luxuriously rich, it doesn’t make my pimple-prone skin break out. The price tag is slightly scary – $180 per pretty purple tube – but when you consider using it is like an at-home facial, it’s possible to convince yourself it’s worth the outlay (just don’t tell your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/anyone).

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