Steph Claire Smith Shares The Secret To Looking (And Feeling) So Good

Australia’s number one bikini babe

Here’s three words to etch into your memory: Steph Claire Smith. With over 1.2 million (yes, million) followers on Instagram alone, she’s the Aussie girl making waves in the deep social media sea and way, way beyond.

Smith stands out by offering more than just bronzed bikini shots and an envy-inducing wardrobe (although she ticks both those boxes too); Smith is the founder of the Keep It Cleaner lifestyle program, and holds ambassadorships for Adidas, Clinique and Bondi Sands.

The new face of Bras N Things’ 30th birthday campaign chatted to marie claire about how she maintains that Insta-famous bod, her best beauty secrets and the swimwear she’ll be wearing all summer.

Can you walk me through your daily exercise routine?

I work out around five to six days a week; the sixth day is usually a long power walk. For the other five days I mainly follow our KIC GIRLS workouts at the gym or at the park, but also mix it up with one-on-one boxing sessions with my trainer Will. The KIC GIRLS workouts are a mixture of strength, HIIT and boxing training. I like to mix it up a lot, it keeps me motivated because I never get bored.

How do you prepare for a big campaign shoot?

I recently shot the 30th Birthday and Christmas campaign with Bras N Things, and I knew that meant a few days in my knickers in front of the camera, so I prep my mind more than my body. I look after myself with healthy food and exercise every day, but before a big shoot I’ll just try my best to make sure during the week prior that I’m not bingeing out on chocolate or going out for drinks or anything like that.

What’s your day on a plate?

Brekkie is either buckwheat porridge with berries, peanut butter and cacao, or a smoothie bowl with nuts, chia seeds and cacao. If I’m in a big rush I’ll have a green smoothie and a Keep It Cleaner bliss ball!

Lunch is usually something light like a salad with chicken or eggs, or rice paper rolls. Unless I’m working or meeting a friend at a cafe then I’m a sucker for smashed avo on GF toast with spinach and halloumi. In the afternoon I always have a sweet craving so I’ll go for a bliss ball or an apple with peanut butter on top!

Dinner is different every night, I love cooking and mixing it up! Always packed with meat and veg though. Then I can’t end the day without a peppermint tea and a bit of chocolate. I love 85% dark chocolate, or our rocky road, or dark chocolate covered goji berries.  

What’s your treat of choice?

Cheese and crackers!! And chocolate and popcorn… and hot chips!

Talk me through your beauty regimen?

Less is more in my case! In the morning I’ll splash my face, chuck on some Clinique Moisture Surge, some mascara and lip balm and off I go. At the end of the day I remove my makeup from a job or an event with a makeup wipe then Clinique’s Take The Day Off balm or liquid, and moisturise again. I wash my hair around three times a week, so as you can imagine dry shampoo is my best friend considering I work out six days of the week! I like to leave coconut oil in the ends of my hair overnight once a week, and 90 per cent of the time I let my hair dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer. 

Are there any facial treatments you swear by?

I get a dermasweep from Liberty Belle in Toorak every six weeks or so and I love it! It clears out my pores like nothing else. 

You always look bronzed – do you have any tanning secrets to share?

I tan super easy, and luckily I travel a lot and tend to stick to countries where the sun is shining! But I use Bondi Sands SPF sunscreen oils for protection. If I’m not naturally tanned then I use Bondi Sands Dark foam, it’s such a natural looking colour and goes on so evenly.

What’s your favourite sunscreen?

Bondi Sands SPF 15 sunscreen oil and I use the 50+ sunscreen on my face.

And your favourite bikini brand right now? 

I literally have over 100 bikinis at home and they’re all different brands. Bras N Things Blue Ruby swim collection always has something fun for summer, but I’d have to say though my favourites right now are Minimale Animale (because they are the best for minimal tan lines!) and Midnight co, because I helped design them!

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