Before & After: The Supplement Improving Hair Growth From The Inside Out

Tackling hair thinning at its root cause…

There’s no doubt that our hair forms a huge part of our identity.

Whether we’re colouring it, cutting it, or styling it, our hair is one of the biggest ways we can express ourselves, so it’s only natural we want to keep it looking and feeling as healthy as possible.

A fresh chop or stylish ‘do can work wonders for our confidence…but on the flip side, hair that’s thinning or damaged can take its toll on how we feel.

But there’s a new way to reduce hair thinning and support hair growth from the inside out—and we’ve got the before and after pics to prove that it works.

Meet Hairology

Vida Glow Hairology supplement
(Credit: Vida Glow)

From the leaders in ingestible beauty, Vida Glow, Hairology is a new once-daily supplement targeting thinning, lacklustre hair at its root cause.

Part of the brand’s Advanced Repair range, Hairology works from the inside out to replenish hair health and optimise the environment needed for hair to grow and thrive.

The supplement is powered by trademarked active AnaGain™, a potent extract derived from pea sprout, which is clinically proven to visibly reduce hair loss by 34 per cent after 28 days of supplementation[1].

Hairology hair supplement before and after
Hairology is powered by AnaGain™, shown to reduce visible hair loss and improve overall hair condition in clinical trials. Participant results after using Hairology for three months. (Credit: Vida Glow)

How Does It Work?

Hairology’s cutting-edge formulation is backed by scientific evidence, proven to visibly improve hair and its health.

 The supplement contains a comprehensive blend of targeted vitamins and minerals that help reduce hair shedding and loss, rejuvenating hair follicles for thicker locks and helping to support hair growth for longer strands.

Hairology hair supplement Vida Glow before and after
The once-daily supplement visibly improves hair and its health, thanks to a blend of actives and targeted vitamins and minerals. Participant results after using Hairology for three months. (Credit: Vida Glow)

Think zinc, which helps to maintain hair growth and decrease hair loss and thinning, and biotin, a B-group vitamin that is vital for keratin function to maintain healthy hair follicles.

The formula also contains bladderwrack, a brown seaweed extract that supports healthy thyroid hormones essential for hair growth, and antioxidant rich selenium to protect hair from damage.

Who Should Use It

While it’s normal to shed hair every day as part of its natural growth and renewal cycle, factors like stress, hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies can speed up the process and compromise hair health.

Hair can also be damaged and weakened by the use of heat-styling tools, colour treatments and a build-up of product.

Hairology hair supplement Vida Glow before and after
With daily use, results, like thicker and shinier hair, can be seen as soon as 28 days. Participant results after using Hairology for three months. (Credit: Vida Glow)

Hairology can be used by anyone who wants to improve the thickness, volume, shine and strength of their hair. Because it works at a cellular level, targeting the causes of hair loss from the inside, its suitable for those with any hair type.

Simply take one capsule, once a day with water, preferably with a meal. With consistent use, results—think thicker, fuller, healthier hair— can be seen in as little as 28 days.

Hairology is available online at and Adore Beauty, as well as in-store at David Jones and Myer, from $85.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Read the warnings below before purchase.

Sponsored by Vida Glow.

[1] Grothe, T, Wandrey, F, Schuerch, C. Short communication: Clinical evaluation of pea sprout extract in the treatment of hair loss. Phytotherapy Research. 2020; 34: 428 – 431.

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