Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill Reveals Her Everyday Beauty Routine

And the product she adds ahead of a big show

Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill has fast become one of the most talked about models in the industry with over 11.6 m Instagram followers and runway shows for the likes of Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs under her belt.

The 22-year-old first walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at age 18 and one year later was signed on to be one of the brand’s Angels, instantly catapulting her to international fame. 

Below, the American model talks us through her morning routine and the exercises she did to get her body in the best shape of her life for the 2018 runway extravaganza

taylor hill

What does your morning routine look like? 

On show day, I woke up at 6am, went to the gym, had breakfast, cuddled with my dog – my miniature labradoodle who I cannot live without, packed my bag and headed to the venue.
In everyday life, the
 first thing I do is hit my snooze button three times [laughs] and then roll out of bed slowly, I’m a slow riser. I always cuddle with my dog in the bed, I make my morning coffee. That’s the first hour of my day.

What is your everyday beauty routine like?

I keep my routine pretty simple. In the morning, depending on the day before, I either wash my face or not and take a shower. I always put on moisturiser and sunscreen is a must! I also love a tinted moisturiser and try to pick one with an SPF included. At night, I always wash my face and take off my make up (if I was wearing it). I use the cleansing oil from Lancôme, it’s the best, it really gets off my mascara.

Do you change anything about your skincare routine before a big show?

I just try to be really diligent and stick to a routine. I like to use vitamin E oil and mix it into my skincare.

Do you have any in-flight beauty secrets? or anything special you do to keep your face fresh when travelling?

Of course, drinking lots of water, it’s really important. I should start looking into tonics and herbal teas though!

What did you do exercise wise to prep for the show?

I do hard-core training before the show with my coach Kristina Forest. I was a gymnast my whole life and I like intensity and love to push and challenge myself. I hate being bored with my workouts and need to be motivated, so I am always trying new things.

Are there any Victoria’s Secret products you couldn’t live without?

I work out all the time so I live in VS sport and love it. I love having a cute, fun outfit to wear to the gym or training.

What’s your favourite VS perfume?

Tease, for sure! I always go back to it. I’m so honoured to be the face of the fragrance, it’s definitely been one of the highlights of working with Victoria’s Secret.

Have you been to Australia?

I have been and I loved it, I want to go back so bad. I am so excited that Victoria’s Secret is launching in Australia later this year, you guys are going to love the brand energy. Maybe I’ll make a sneaky trip back for this one.

Victoria’s Secret is opening the first Australian store in Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre at the end of the month and to celebrate, there will be a Victoria’s Secret pop up open from November 14th to December 2nd.

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