Taylor Swift Pulled Off Her Fake Eyelashes Mid-Performance In Sydney

Now her fans are freaking out

Taylor Swift’s tours are most renowned for her surprise celebrity guests, chart-topping hits and inspirational speeches. But if you thought the pop sensation couldn’t possibly be any more iconic, think again.

On Friday night during the Sydney stop of her Reputation Stadium Tour, Taylor pulled off an epic change to her wardrobe, and quite literally too. 

Halfway through performing a rendition of ‘Don’t Blame Me’ (in the pouring rain), Swift can be seen walking across the stage where she stops, effortlessly removes an eyelash, continues singing, and then proceeds to remove another. As you do.

While the reason for Taylor pulling off her lashes are unknown (although we assume it was because of the torrential downpour), naturally fans have reacted to her makeup move and are living for it – and we don’t blame them.

Despite it literally raining on her parade, after the concert Swift took to Instagram to say how much she enjoyed the show:

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