The Beauty Evolution of Ruby Rose

Just look at her blossom!

Fringes… we’ve all been there

Hair: Long, silky black hair with the full bangs that is sadly covering arguably the greatest eyebrows to ever grace the planet

Makeup: Minimalist base makeup with a melon lip-gloss and a slight flick mascara

Donning the light hair against the dark eyebrows before it was even cool

Hair: Platinum blonde pixie cut with a quaffed spike – the classic shorter on the sides, longer on the top do

Makeup: Smooth, matte finish, a smidge of eyeliner, false eyelashes and peach lip colour make for an aesthetic feast

Being bold and brave with the red

Hair: Deep brown on the sides and bronde (yes bronde!) on the top for a forwards comb-over

Makeup: Vibrant red lipstick and thick eyeliner drawing attention to those mesmerizing baby blues

Ok, so red definitely works

Hair: That spicy, cherry, tawny hair just looks delicious

Makeup: Filled in eyebrows, and a bit of cheek rouge to compliment the hair and some cinnamon gloss for the lips

Schmick and chic, she is

Hair: Golden tussles softly slicked back leaving her flawless face in full view

Makeup: Silver, whimsical eye shadow and subtle lip-gloss make such a great couple

Is there a colour she can’t do?

Hair: The strawberry blonde shade looks divine when paired with the side cornrow braid

Makeup: Neon Lipstick seriously is a treat

Pretty in pastel

Hair: Tame purple tone with platinum blonde roots

Makeup: The cinnamon lipstick makes another appearance and is coupled with a thick helping of mascara

Those eyebrows in all their divine glory

Hair: Making the double shaved part line look incredible

Makeup: Eyebrows… We needn’t elaborate

Black is back

Hair: A sleek undercut and bowl-cut hybrid in luscious black

Makeup: That thick eyeliner under those heavenly brows works a charm

Where elegance meets simplicity

Hair: The Gatsby outline curl from a bold side part is purely exquisite

Makeup: Metallic lipstick is magic

She’s saved her best until now (but let’s be honest; she’ll probably find a way to somehow top this)

Hair: 20/10 with this wave crop cut in a stunning dark brown

Makeup: Nude matte lips and a renowned smoky eye can do no wrong.

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