The Facial That’s Equal Parts Relaxing And Results Driven

Because you deserve the best of both worlds

If you want to treat yourself, and your skin, get a facial. The relaxing facial massage, the rich and indulgent creams that are lathered on your lacklustre skin and, finally, getting to lie back and be still for once – put simply, it’s pure heaven. The only downfall is these types of facial are mostly focused on pampering, not necessarily serious results.

That’s where the latest generation of facials comes in. Serene they are not, but the formulas and techniques have more important work to do. They’re the sort of treatment you turn to when you have a niggling problem everyday skincare just can’t handle. But be warned, they’re often invasive and require an extensive time commitment (expect to come back a handful of times over the course of a few months).

Both types of facial have their pros and cons, but let’s be honest, we don’t like having to compromise when it comes to our skin. In an ideal world, we’d like the calming, pampering perks of traditional facials, with all the impressive results of the new-gen ones.

The perfect facial is one that pampers our skin but also delivers results
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Thankfully, there are facials out there, such as endota’s New Age Light Therapy Facial, that deliver on both fronts. In fact, this endota facial goes one step further: it can bring back your skin’s glow in just one hour. We all know how much of a precious commodity time can be, so when you can indulge and improve your skin in your lunch break, you’re more likely to make it part of your regular routine. And that’s good news all round for your self, skin *and* schedule.

The endota New Age Light Therapy Facial is non-invasive, so you can confidently head back to work post-treatment without anyone being the wiser … except, perhaps, for that telltale healthy glow! It’s a skin-rejuvenating treatment that fights the signs of ageing – it can boost collagen and elastin production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, intensely hydrate, and stimulate cell regeneration, so the youthful effects keep working long after you’ve left the spa.

In addition to a series of wonderful facial massages as the endota spa New AgeR products are worked into your skin to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and protect, your skin will reap the rewards of light therapy, which is what helps supercharge the results of this facial.

First, a cooling hydrogel mask is applied to the skin, then an infrared light mask is placed over your face and left for 10 minutes to work its skin-renewing and glow-enhancing magic. All while you get a foot massage. Not a single second of potential pampering is wasted!

Endota uses a light-therapy mask that’s powered by Omnilux (who are leaders in light therapy devices). The mask emits wavelengths of infrared light that are absorbed by the epidermis (the outer layer of skin down to a cellular level) and work to stimulate collagen production. Red-light therapy can also help to reduce inflammation, so skin looks healthy and happy. And, as a bonus, red light also boosts serotonin, ‘the happy hormone’, that promotes wellbeing and lifts our moods.

The results of this feel-good, look-good, high-performance facial are instant hydration and radiance, along with long-term anti-ageing benefits. While you can easily have this facial as a one-off, we recommend popping back in regularly to maintain your glow and treat long-term skin concerns.

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