The $6 Teeth Whitener Influencers Are Raving About

Five times whiter, minus the exxy outlay…

While lockdowns had us mourning the loss of our regular manicure, hair colour and eyebrow maintenance appointments, there is one part of our self-care routine that got some much-needed attention: our oral health.

And it’s an essential part of our regimes that has stuck with us post-pandemic.

After all, now that we’re allowed back out and about, it’s only natural we want to look and feel our most confident, and we’re turning to at-home whitening products to help us do it.

While flossing, brushing and regular appointments with a dentist will always be at the core of maintaining oral hygiene, Australian oral care brand White Glo are bridging the gap between maintenance and self-care, with the re-launch of their product range.

And you only have to look at some of the country’s most well-known and influential faces to know their new products are most definitely worth the hype.

White Glo teeth whitening range
White Glo’s new product range bridges the gap between maintenance and self-care.

The $6 White Glo Toothpaste That Has Celebs Obsessed

After seven years of research and development, working in collaboration with Australian dentists, White Glo has developed 5 x Whiter Technologies™, a clinical-grade teeth whitening innovation.

The scientific breakthrough makes for a faster, gentler, and more powerful whitening toothpaste, suitable for daily use. Each toothpaste is formulated with five different types of proven whitening technologies, containing a blend of ingredients (including natural enzymes and soft polishing particles for whiter, faster and gentler results).

An influencer favourite? White Glo’s Professional White Whitening Toothpaste, beloved by the likes of Kate Waterhouse and Olympia Valance.

White Glo toothpaste Olympia Valance
Olympia Valance is a fan of White Glo’s Professional White Whitening Toothpaste, starting at just $5.99.

With tubes starting at just $5.99 from supermarkets nationwide, it promises results in just three days of use, with a Fresh Mint flavour that’s been developed in conjunction with a world-leading, 100-year-old European Fragrance house (yes, really).

Think: fresh eucalyptus, cooling menthol and gentle peppermint, with a cooling sensation that increases after rinsing and continues to develop all day to leave your breath clean and fresh.

Because it utilises the most gentle and advanced whitening technology, White Glo toothpastes also promise six points of protection with every tube. Every toothpaste is enamel safe, protects against cavities and decay, fights plaque, tartar, reduces mouth bacteria, promotes gum health, and leaves you with ultra-fresh breath.

White Glo Professional White Whitening Toothpaste
White Glo’s Professional White Whitening Toothpaste utilises developed 5 x Whiter Technologies™, a clinical-grade teeth whitening innovation for whiter, faster and gentler results.

This toothpaste works overtime, and is also available in a charcoal variety, to deeply whiten teeth, fast. Activated charcoal particles work to naturally penetrate and draw out stains, while remaining safe for everyday use.

In fact, there’s a formula tailored to suit any of your specific oral care needs and concerns, like tartar control (with an advanced formula incorporating Zinc Citrate and Natural Enzymes to prevent discolouration), ultra-fresh breath, enamel care and gum health, formulated with rosehip oil and strontium chloride to be gentle on gums.

The entire range is eco-friendly, too, with the product packaging containing 68 per cent less plastic than previous ranges.

Dentist-Quality Whitening… At Home

There’s nothing celebrities love more than a fancy professional-quality gadget that can be used in their own homes—and we love to try them too.

For that, White Glo has us covered, with their at-home teeth whitening systems for an even more beaming smile.

A favourite of fashion and beauty influencer Elle Ferguson, the White Glo ADVANCED Professional Results Whitening Kit utilises the latest advances in dental science. Dual red and blue light spectrums work in conjunction with White Glo’s newly developed advanced whitening serum, accelerating the removal of deep stains.

White Glo ADVANCED Professional Results Whitening Kit Elle Ferguson
Elle Ferguson uses the White Glo ADVANCED Professional Results Whitening Kit, $59.99, which offers noticeable results from your very first use.

Think dentist-quality teeth whitening that’s safe to use at home. And best of all? It’s easy to use. Simply apply the whitening serum into the Instant-Fit Mouth Tray, place in your mouth and turn on the device.

Spend the next 10 minutes catching up on a few pages of your favourite book, listening to a podcast or starting on your skincare routine. The light will switch off when it’s done, and all that’s left to do is rinse your mouth with water and get ready to flash your pearly whites to the world. 

Not Just A Pretty Face

For the eco-conscious, White Glo has also developed Professional White Bite & Brush Toothpaste Tablets. Containing the same beneficial properties as the White Glo toothpastes, the sustainable and eco-responsible option is a plastic-free alternative for those who want to shy away from a regular tube of minty freshness.

White Glo Professional White Bite & Brush Toothpaste Tablets
White Glo’s Professional White Bite & Brush Toothpaste Tablets, $12.99, are a vegan, sugar-free and eco-friendly alternative to a plastic tube of toothpaste.

Try the new range, beloved by the likes of fashion blogger Rozalia Russian, model Amy Pejkovic and reality star Lorinska Merrington, available now at Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and online.

Brought to you by White Glo.

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