Trend Alert: Kendall and Kylie’s Hair Stylist Presents His 4 Hair Rules

And spills on what his high-profile clients are really like

Fact: the stylists working away in the Kardashian’s glam rooms would hear – and see – it ALL. Kardashian shenanigans are eye-opening enough when the cameras are rolling, but we have a feeling the good stuff really occurs when the crew has packed up for the day.

As one of the Kardashians’ go-to hair stylists, Jonathan Colombini is a goldmine, not only of expert hair tips but glam room gossip. He’s Kendall Jenner’s stylist of choice, transforming her locks from long to lob, which he says suits her “go with the flow” vibes.

Colombini somehow managed to escape the Kardashian’s clutches to spend a month in sunny Sydney, so we sat down with him to talk all things K-beauty (and probe him for a few insider secrets). Here’s what we learnt.

1/ Good quality products are worth the investment.

“You wouldn’t buy an Aston Martin and put regular unleaded gasoline in it, would you?” says Colombini, stressing that high quality shampoo and conditioner are your fast-track to healthier hair. For the record, the Kardashians and Jenners favour hair products by Ouai, Oribe and R&Co.

2/ You’re washing your hair too much.

“Rather than shampooing every day, try every other day, then push it out to every two days,” he says. “Get a great dry shampoo to see you through. This way, you’ll get those effortless, next-day waves Kendall Jenner’s cut is often styled with. “Day one is over-done and as it relaxes is when it starts looking amazing,” says Colombini. “I love next day hair.”

3/ It’s all about the lob.

Take it from the man who cut Kendall’s – the lob is going nowhere. The key to keeping it modern – and not mumsy – is in how it’s cut. “It’s about deconstructing haircuts, with a messy undercut that shows piece-y wear,” he says.

4/ Balayage has evolved.

The new balayage is less about an obvious top deck look and more about ‘sombre’ (that’s subtle ombré). “Think dark to light bleached out ends, which are now taking on a caramel or sandy tone,” says Colombini.

5/ Kendalll, Kylie and co aren’t the party animals you might think

“They are homebodies!” says Colombini. “When they have the chance they love being home, and might I say they both have exceptional taste in decorating!”

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