The Workout Victoria Lee Does To Keep In Shape

We grill her personal trainer on how the Aussie Victoria's Secret model looks so good.

The Aussie Victoria’s Secret model and David Jones ambassador looked stunning as she walked the David Jones SS18 runway last night. To find out how the model stays in such great shape, marie claire asks Victoria Lee’s personal trainer, Lizzie Bland from Lean Bean Fitness, for her best workout tips.   

What are some of the exercises you do with Victoria to get her looking runway ready?

“I start with some boxing sets to wake up the muscles (including the brain!), followed by a resistance circuit using the TRX, which is great for single leg exercises like pistol squats,” says Bland. “I then finish with a 10 min ass n’ ab combo, probably wearing ankle weights.”

Do you work Victoria less hard?

“I am probably very mean!”

victoria lee david jones show fitness regime
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When Lee is travelling, what might she take with her?  

“Resistance bands are great also for travelling as they’re light,” says Bland.

What equipment we should invest in for at-home workouts?

“Ankle weights,” says Bland. “They can take a bit of getting used to (especially 5kg ones) as they test your balance and make simple exercises a lot harder, but they’re just SO good for targeting inner & outer thigh as well of course, the butt.”

 If we have 15 minutes to exercise, what do you recommend for fat burning and body contouring? 

Keeping home workouts simple and easy to remember is key. Having a combination of cardio & resistance will get your heart rate soaring, and repeating exercises means your muscles are challenged enough to strengthen them. 

victoria lee david jones show fitness regime
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Feeling inspired? Here’s a workout by Lizzie Bland at Lean Bean Fitness just for marie claire readers!

 “Do 1 minute on each, and complete 3 rounds,” says Bland.

  1. Chest to floor burpees
  2. High plank tapping knees to alternating elbows
  3. Star jumps (or skipping)
  4. Explosive push ups- slow to lower, quick on the way up
  5. Jumping lunges

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