You need this genius nail polish holder in your life

At-home manis just got a LOT easier

There is a 50-cent coin size, O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark-coloured stain on my otherwise pristine navy and white patterned rug at home – one that no kind of cleaner, no matter how heavy duty, has been able to remove [side note: this is what happens when you attempt to watch Stranger Things while simultaneously painting your toenails].

It’s a scourge my husband points to in warning every time I attempt to DIY the week’s mani/pedi in front of the TV, but that’s all about to change, thanks to (drum roll, please), the Tweexy wearable nail polish holder.

This all-kinds-of-amazing accessory holds your nail polish bottle while you work, eliminating the risk of accidentally knocking it over entirely. It’s made from a flexible, comfortable, silicon-like material that fits all fingers and grips firmly.

The Tweexy is made in California and available on Amazon. Strike all professional manicures out of the 2017 budget – doing your nails at home just got a lot easier.

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