Zoë Foster Blake’s trip to the hairdresser is all of us

And you’ll LOVE her new cut

Everyone’s favourite girl crush has debuted a fresh new look for 2017 – and revealed that when it comes to hairdresser angst, she’s just like the rest of us.

We know of no woman who can enter a salon without a small degree of trepidation, not to mention a tendency to doubt the hairdresser’s hard-earned ability. Not Even Zoë Foster Blake.

Revealing her new cut and colour on Instagram, Zoë shared how her last two appointments have gone down, captioning the below image as follows:

“Me last cut and colour: ‘I just feel like if we keep the hair around my face and roots darker this time it’s gonna be so much better cos I don’t think highlights around my face work. I prefer them just from the mid-lengths down. Thanks Loz.’

Me today: ‘Loz, I feel like maybe some lightness around my face will be good to brighten everything up a bit and add some texture to my shit-fine hair? Nothing better than some highlights around the face, right?!

Me for eternity: A know-all jerk face.”

Zoë sees senior stylist Lauren Mackellar at Edwards and Co. for her hair, and Lauren has helpfully provided the exact formula she used to get Zoë’s multi-dimensional highlights. 

“With Zoe’s hair we’re working towards having easy to manage air that can air dry and look effortless, so the colour needs to reflect that and not look over-done,” Lauren writes on her Instagram. “Since her hair can definitely handle a bit of colour (it helps to give it texture and body) I’ve added some stretched highlights scattered throughout to give the base colour some life but while still looking lived-in and natural.”

Lauren then goes on to list the formula: “6/ Wella Illumina 6%, alternating highlights using Silklift with ash and beige pigment, zone-toned using Redken 7n at the roots, 8v through the mids and 9nb on the ends.”

Expect to see a lot of Zoë lookalikes in future.

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