This Is The Biggest Jewellery Trend Of 2018

Buy now; wear forever

The street style set have spoken: minimalist, contemporary jewellery is here to stay. Perhaps as an antidote to our troubled times (hellooo, Trump), fashion has taken a turn for the contemplative, looking to nature as a source of inspiration and designing in ways that promote harmony, rather than hate.

Think sculptural silver bracelets, worn alone or stacked along the wrist; organic-shaped rings that resemble molten metal and intricate bracelets wrought from silver and gold. Peeking beneath the cuffs of tweed blazers or skimming the shoulders of navy coats, the jewellery at 2018 Fashion Weeks across the globe so far has been beautiful, simple and most of all, modern.

georg jensen offspring collection jewellery
Pieces from the Georg Jensen ‘Offspring’ collection. (Credit: Georg Jensen)

The new Georg Jensen Offspring collection is a case in point: designed by acclaimed contemporary jewellery designer Jacqueline Rabun, it features organic shapes and interlocking ovals, the universal symbol of love and harmony, crafted from sterling silver and 18-karat rose gold.

“The natural shapes and curves of the body are essential to everything I design,” Rabun explains. “It is important that each piece complements the human form and becomes an extension of the body and spirit of the wearer, like a talisman providing strength, confidence and protection”.  Suffice to say we could all do with some more of that.

georg jensen sofie frederikke
(Credit: Georg Jensen)

Already spotted adorning Danish It-girl (and new Georg Jensen face) Frederikke Sofie, the 26-piece collection spans pendant earrings and studs, bracelets and bangles, necklaces, charms and rings. Do as the fashion girls do and wear yours alone one day; all together the next – the trick lies in artfully layering pieces of varying lengths, mixing metals and shapes, for an organic, effortless effect.

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