Meet The Adelaide-Born Model Taking Over The International Runways

Introducing Akiima

We don’t mean to blow our own horn or anything, but when it comes to producing people destined for runway success, Australia seriously delivers.

From Elle Ferguson to Miranda Kerr to Gemma Ward, there’s no shortage of famous faces who call Australia home, while jetting around the world to walk for the biggest fashion houses. 

And the newest face to watch? Adelaide-born model Akiima (known in the industry only by her first name), who has been modelling for less than a year and can already tick walking for Prada, Hermès and Maison Margiela off her bucket list.

Prada Spring Summer 2018

The 22-year-old, who was born in a refugee camp in Kenya before moving to Australia as a child, walked into Finesse Models Australia and was signed on the spot, before being added to IMG’s supermodel laden roster just a day later. 

J.W. Anderson

While most 20-somethings are deciding whether it’s acceptable to get Uber Eats three nights in a row, Akiima’s on her way to Paris for the final week of fashion month.

Watch this space.

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