The Affordable Label Fast Becoming Our Favourite High Street Brand

For good reason

When looking to high street, Zara, H&M and ASOS pop to mind, but there’s another label fast taking over in the popularity stakes. 

Thanks to a slew of influencers showing off their Mango buys with the hashtag #MangoGirls, we’ve noticed certain pieces drip straight off our Instagram feeds and into our office. 

Mango’s ability to pick up on a trend and replicate it so well that even our seasoned eyes struggle to pick the difference between duplicate and designer, combined with the price point (pantsuits going for under $200, trenches for under $150 and heels for $40), and the cool girl seal of approval, Mango is proving to be the affordable high street label we didn’t even know we needed. 

And to top it off, last year the Spanish brand debuted its first sustainable collection, using environmentally-friendly fabrics and responsible dyes. 

Below, see how Insta It girls are styling it.

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