Ana De Armas Is Showing Her Warrior Spirit In Louis Vuitton At ‘The Gray Man’ Premiere

Think ‘Wonder Woman’ meets ‘Barbarella’.

Ana de Armas may have just relocated from LA, however the star is back to prove she’s done running by stepping out at The Gray Man premiere in a new season Louis Vuitton look.

The glamazon inspired ensemble, designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, clearly took clues from gladiators and fierce warrior women—something that Ana herself has proven to be with roles like Paloma in James Bond and her personal dealings with the incessant paparazzi coverage that drove her from the West Coast.

Ana is clearly ready to face her battles head on—we hope the paparazzo rues the day they crossed her.

Ana De Armas wears Louis Vuitton Cruise 2023 to the premiere of ‘The Gray Man’

The metallic set, which debuted at the luxury French maison’s recent 2023 Cruise collection, can only be described as equal parts Wonder Woman and Barbarella.

Featuring a charcoal bodysuit and bionic-esque scaled armour similar to those worn by Ancient Roman soldiers.

The centurion inspired skirt—although we’re unsure if this barely-there garb is better categorised as the most excessive belt in history—hung from de Armas’ waist, revealing a pair of strappy silver stilettos hidden underneath.

While the look is clearly channelling an ultra-modern Amazon or Goddess, de Armas has certainly got the grey part of The Gray Man covered.

The red carpet trend of sartorially referencing the movie you’re promoting continues to be a favourite amongst the glitterati.

Ana De Armas wears Louis Vuitton Cruise 2023 to the premiere of ‘The Gray Man’

As for the ‘man’ element, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans joined de Armas to promote the upcoming Netflix blockbuster.

However it seems that Gosling may have ‘Kenned’ too close to the sun, showing up in a turquoise suit and sandy-blonde hair that could rival that of the Malibu Ken Doll. We’re positive that 2004-era Gosling would give this ensemble the tick of approval.

Chris Evans, on the other hand, has gone down a more classic route, donning a pair of black cigarette trousers, a blazer (which he deliciously wore open with a skin-tight, almost-sheer white t-shirt underneath) and teashade sunglasses.

The premiere marks de Armas’ first public appearance since her explosive interview whereby she revealed that the attention her relationship with Ben Affleck garnered drove her from LA.

However, as de Armas has proven there’s no better way to heal a broken heart than in the arms of a Louis Vuitton prêt-à-porter ensemble. The city’s falling for her like she’s Helen of Troy.

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