Anne Hathaway Gave A Major ‘Devils Wear Prada’ Throwback With Her Latest Fashion Look

It feels like 2006 again.

For many of us, The Devil Wears Prada is one of those iconic comfort flicks that we can watch anytime, over and over again. Anne Hathaway as the timid yet hard-working Andy Sachs, facing off against the eternally fierce Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly — the movie will truly never go out of style. 

While Anne waved goodbye to Andy in 2006, her latest Instagram post is proving that she may still live on, with fans convinced that her outfit is a subtle nod to Andy’s unforgettable glow-up. In the photos, Hathaway is seen wearing a breathtaking Valentino floral minidress, paired with black Wolford tights, black Giuseppe Zanotti platform boots, Bulgari jewellry, and a yellow Valentino bag. Yes, it really feels like she might have raided the Runway wardrobe for this one, 

“Grazie/Merci/ThankYouForever @maisonvalentino,” she wrote in the caption. 


While the outfit is undoubtedly flawless, it’s the hair that had everyone flashing back to her 2006 role. Andy was known for her bangs, which received the full blowout treatment during her fashion magazine makeover, and Anne’s current hairstyle was undeniably similar. Worn in a high ponytail with long, face-shaping tendrils hanging down from the front, fans were quick to ask if it was Anne or Andy in the photos. It seems the 39-year old hasn’t aged a day and has a lot of us wondering if she’s a mysterious time-traveller or has one of the best skincare regimes in Hollywood. 

Hathaway was wearing the incredible outfit around New York, but it’s unclear what event she was attending. We do know that the actress will soon start promoting her latest project, WeCrashed, which sees her star alongside Jared Leto in the Apple TV+ miniseries about Adam Neuman and WeWork. We hope the series’ promotion will bring many more iconic Anne looks, (because if they’re anything like this one, we’re going to be lapping up every detail). 

This also isn’t the first time Hathaway has reprised one of her beloved characters. The actress delighted fans back in 2020 when she posed as Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries for the #QuarantinePillow Challenge. It’s proof that she thinks about her favourite characters just as much as we do. 


While we couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Andy, the actress hasn’t been shy to admit that it wasn’t exactly easy for her to land the part. In fact, during an appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hathaway admitted that she was actually ninth in line for the role. 

“But I got it! Hang in there, never give up,” she said, with a laugh. 

The flick originally wanted Rachel McAdams to play the role of Andy, off the back of her success in The Notebook, but the actress repeatedly turned it down, so it must have been fate, right? 

Recalling the moment Anne was told she’d got the part, she said: 

“I had some buddies over. I remember running out in my living room, half dressed, screaming — I got The Devil Wears Prada! I got The Devil Wears Prada!”

16 years later, and we’re still fawning over Anne’s portrayal of the humble Andy. And, her latest look is proof that some things truly never go out of style. 

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