The 8 Best Period Underwear Brands To Shop For A Comfy, Conscious Cycle

Say goodbye to pesky pads.
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There have been few advancements in period products since the tampon was introduced to women in the 1930s. But, the most prominent, in recent years at least, is undeniably that of period underwear.

Period undies have increasingly made their way into the mainstream conversation around menstruation since first appearing on the market.

Now, they’re everywhere – stocked in your local supermarket, spruiked by celebs and influencers, and spotted regularly when scrolling your feed.

Given disposable products – tampons, pads, liners – can take between 500 and 800 years to biodegrade (and one woman uses an average of 10,000 in her lifetime), period underwear have become the clear choice for a, well, clear conscience when it comes to minimising our impact on the environment.

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How Does Period Underwear Work?

Typically crafted from a combination of moisture wicking and highly absorbent material on the inner layers and water-impermeable layers on the outer, any feeling of dampness or potential leaks are near non-existent.  

Shapes and styles vary brand to brand but most, like pads and tampons, offer varieties of coverage according to your flow from light to super. 

The Best Period Underwear Brands In Australia



We can’t talk about period undies without talking about Modibodi. Four million products sold and 40,000+ 5-star reviews on their range of styles (from sensual high waist to seam-free options) don’t lie. Modibodi’s popular Maxi-24hrs absorbency can hold up to 10 tampons’ worth of liquid.

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Australian brand Juju may be known for their menstrual cups, but they also make ultra comfortable period underwear, too. Coming in bikini, midi or full briefs, they’re designed to wear for extra protection with their cups or alone on lighter flow days.

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With five levels of coverage according to your flow and a huge range of styles – including a postpartum and apparel range – Thinx has the perfect fit for every body.

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Hello Period

Hello Undies tick all the boxes offering cute, leak-free protection up to the same amount of liquid as five single-use pads or tampons. The biggest selling point though? They don’t have a layer of polyurethane plastic, which means they can be safely used in a tumble dryer and don’t make that awkward crinkle sound when you walk.

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AWWA Period Care

This trailblazing Female, POC & LGBTQI+ owned brand focuses on sustainable & inclusive period products (they hold up to 5 tampon’s worth of flow) including a cute new bralette set for those love their undergarments to match.

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boody best period underwear


Known for their bamboo underwear and apparel, sustainable brand Boody has recently launched a range of period-proof and leak-proof underwear. Being made from bamboo, they are super soft and breathable, yet ultra absorbent for maximum protection against leaks. Choose from the signature bikini or full brief styles in a variety of sizes and ditch conventional, bulky pads for good.

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From ultra-light to heavy flow, Bonds offer various styles in their Bloody Comfy range including boyleg and moderate bikini cuts.

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Cotton On X TOM

Wardrobe staple Cotton On has teamed with conscious period brand TOM Organic to create a line of affordable and super cute period undies.

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