Blake Lively Telling Photographers To “Calm Down” At The Met Is Everything

The Queen of the ball isn't having it

Blake Lively’s incredible Met Gala look topped every best-dressed list, so it’s only natural that when she arrived looking like a real-life princess, photographers would be fighting for a shot. 

The actress wore a Versace gown which reportedly took over 600 hours to make. And though she didn’t bring along her eye candy hubby, Ryan Reynolds, Blake proved that even without him she’s the queen of the Met.

Case in point: 

Blake Lively

But perhaps the best part of Blake’s carpet walk? When she had to literally tell photographers to chill out.

E! News, who was on the scene at the time, reports that Blake told photographers to “calm down,” gesturing a “simmer down now” hand motion at the same time. 

blake lively

Just when you thought Kendall Jenner pushing a security guard out of her shot was the funniest part of the night. 

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