Blanca Blanco Explains That Epic Oscars Wardrobe Malfunction

‘I wasn’t naked!’

One of the scandalous moments from this week’s Oscars red carpet had to be actress Blanca Blanco flashing some *major* flesh under her dramatic yellow gown.

However the actress has since spoken out, saying that all was not as it seemed.

“I had a bodysuit on—it is like a swimsuit—for some reason the pictures are looking like I have nothing,” she told the Daily Mail. “It was a nude color; it matches my skin, so I wasn’t naked.”

The 36-year-old actress, who was there with long time beau John Savage, 67, says she didn’t plan the moment and is still recovering from the shock.

“When I was watching the show people were texting me and saying ‘You are like everywhere, they are saying you don’t have underwear’ and I was like ‘What? Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.’”

“I didn’t think ‘I’m going to expose myself at the Oscars,’’ that was not the idea,” she continued. “It was not a strategy or anything.”

“The Oscars is very important event and it is my dream to someday be there as a nominee and I respect the Oscars. I would not think of just going naked.”

Blanco, who has previously attended the Oscars and landed herself on the worst dressed list, was hoping this year was going to be different.

“Two years ago I went to the Oscars and for some reason they didn’t like my outfit… So I was in the Worst Dressed category,” she recalled.

“I was hoping that this year it would be different.”

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