The Australian Label All The Celebrities Are Wearing

It’s probably already in your wardrobe

When Kendall Jenner steps into a party in a form-fitting wet-look minidress, heads turn. Not just at the party, but across the globe.

Pics are posted to social media and plastered across news sites, spawning a legion of copycat dressers. Celebrity stylists take note, hatching plans to get their clients snapped in the next hot brand.

It’s a cycle that’s seen long-time local fashion favourite Bec & Bridge, founded in 2003 by Sydney duo Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston, evolve into an international It-girl go-to – seemingly overnight.

The Slick Rick number Kendall wore to her sister Kylie’s 21st on the weekend wasn’t the label’s first high-profile rodeo. Last year, Kim Kardashian posed for family photos in one of the brand’s slinky champagne slips, and Kylie caused a sartorial stir in an ice-blue mini.

Then there are fellow fans Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, Em Rata, Kaia Gerber … Basically the full LA style set.

And as they parade around in their figure-hugging frocks and floral wrap dresses – both Bec & Bridge signatures – we’ll delight in one important detail. Sorry Kendall, but we wore it first.

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