Daisy Edgar-Jones Shares Her Favourite Tiffany & Co. Looks And Ultimate Style Muse

"I'd never seen anything as beautiful." 

The celebrity style set has descended into London for the Tiffany & Co. ‘Vision & Virtuosity’ exhibition opening, held at Saatchi Gallery. Unsurprisingly, the glimmering cohort are drenched in jewels, celebrating the iconic jewellery brand and its ongoing commitment to lasting style.  

marie claire Australia has the opportunity to speak with British-born actress Daisy Edgar-Jones about her most meaningful piece of jewellery, her personal experience with Tiffany & Co. and her ultimate style muse. 

Dressed in a chocolate brown matching set consisting of flared trousers and a crop top, Edgar-Jones, as always, was the picture of classic beauty. Around her neck, draped a silver Tiffany & Co. choker necklace, with matching bracelets and earrings to finish the look. 

As she waited outside the gallery, the most obvious first question to ask, was her first memory of wearing Tiffany for a major event. 

“I think my first Tiffany piece was probably for the BAFTAs,” she revealed. I wore some beautiful flower earrings and rings and I was really excited about it.” 


When asked if it was her first experience wearing jewellery of that status, she replied that it “definitely” was.

“I’d never worn anything as beautiful and it was amazing. I then went to the Vanity Fair party and wore a choker with these incredible stones and I fell in love. I’d never seen anything as beautiful.” 

She is of course, referring to the outfit which landed her on several best-dressed lists for the prestigious party — a pink and green houndstooth dress from Versace and an eye-catching Tiffany & Co. choker with large jewels. 

The actress undoubtedly has an affinity for the choker style, with Tiffany known for elevating the edgier design with delicate crystals, making it the perfect accessory for fashion-forward events.  

As for her most sentimental piece of jewellery, the actress revealed that a special gift from her grandma still holds a special place in her heart. 

“I turned ten so it was the big double digit moment, and my grandma bought me two tiny little silver hearts with a diamond in the middle from Tiffany,” she explained.

“That was the most special piece of jewellery I have as like my first piece of ‘grown-up’ jewellery.” 

Understandably, given its meaning, she’s not fond of wearing it out, but rather keeps them at home as a sweet reminder of her grandma. 

“I’m too scared to wear it out to be honest because I’m scared to lose them! But they really mean a lot to me.” 


When tasked with naming her ultimate style muse, Edgar-Jones was quick to give her answer. 

“Jean Shrimpton,” she answered, without missing a beat. She is of course, referring to the iconic British model and actress who was a pioneer of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ movement at her peak. 

Shrimpton was hailed as one of the first people to popularise the mini skirt, which of course, has been having a major resurgence, proving that everything old is new again. The model, who arguably looks a lot like Edgar-Jones, was known for her modern, glamorous style, often seen in classic houndstooth patterns and knee-high boots. 

“I really like anyone who has a fringe with straight hair,” Edgar-Jones added with a laugh. “I somehow like everything they wear, I’m not sure if it’s the hairstyle.” 

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