7 Unexpected Wedding Trends Brides Are Trying Right Now

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Planning a wedding is hard enough without worrying about following the right trends. And while some bridal trends are just weird (gold dresses, anyone?) others give insight into what the cooler brides among us are doing to make their big day special.

Now, Etsy has released a list of the current top trends that brides are searching for, making it that little bit easier to follow along with the (quirkier) It crowd. And, as we’d expect from an Etsy user, the trends are as cute as they are personal. From sustainable place cards to secret messages in your clothing, these seven trends prove wedding day planning doesn’t have to be all flowers and champagne.

Statement sleeves

Not content with classic sleeves, brides are opting for frilled-up, cascading, lacey versions of the traditional sleeve. The results are breathtaking, with designers taking on board statement sleeve concepts with perfectly pretty results.

Veil alternatives

If a veil doesn’t take your fancy, a headpiece or fascinator might be more up your alley. Or, for those who want even more recognition of their queen status, a crown might be in order.

’90s styles

Throwing it back to the decade that brought us grunge and Kate Moss, brides are going for ’90s silhouettes when choosing their wedding dress. For fans of the era, we suggest looking for a slip-inspired shape.  

Sustainable celebrations

Adding in a touch of nature is perhaps the most millennial of all bridal trends, so it only makes sense that sustainable celebrations are trending on Etsy. Whether it’s hosting a vegetarian feast or using native flowers on your tables, there are plenty of ways to lessen your environmental impact during your wedding.

Secret messages

Taking cues from Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle, brides are loving adding secret messages to their wedding outfits. Whether it’s a saying or a name woven into a dress, or a keepsake on a tie, a secret message is a sweet way to remember the big day.

Unconventional place cards

No longer happy with standard old paper, brides are turning everything from rocks to oysters into placeholders to tell their guests where to sit.

Functional favors

There’s nothing better than walking away from a wedding with a little present — especially when it’s actually functional. Couples are opting for personalised gifts like soap or house plants for their guests to remember the big day by.

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