6 Wedding Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019

According to Pinterest

Getting married is basically like planning the biggest party of your life, so any tips from other brides are generally welcomed. And when those tips come from wedding central itself — aka Pinterest — we can’t help but listen up.

Pinterest has released its Pinterest 100 report, complete with plenty of ideas and inspiration for your big day. Analysing the trending decor ideas, dress colours and the food everyone is trying, the report breaks down what we can expect to be big in the year ahead. For 2019, that means homestyle traditions with futuristic touches — think gold, neon and smoke. We’ve rounded up six of the most popular below, so you can take note for your own big day.

Backyard weddings, up 441 per cent

Couples are opting out of expensive venues in lieu of intimate backyard weddings. Whether you go full out or want something low key, the benefits of hosting at a home are endless. Apart from saving on travel, you’ve got unlimited time for playing around with the space — and can customise it as much as you want!

Donut decor, up 748 per cent

Party displays are getting tasty, with donut decor up a huge 748 per cent. Whether it’s a donut wall or a donut cake, it seems brides are going crazy for this fun take on traditional sweets.

Gold wedding dresses, up 1552 per cent

All that glitters is gold, especially on your wedding day. Brides are opting to forgo traditional whites down the aisle, opting instead for shades of gold.

Smoke bombs, up 436 per cent

Colourful smoke bombs have been around for some time, but couples are turning to the photogenic and dramatic accessory even more in 2019, with searches for colourful smoke bombs having a surge in popularity.

Neon signage, up 281 per cent

Adding a pop of colour to any wedding, neon signs are having a moment. Whether it’s personalised or just a message of love, a neon sign is sure to catch your guests attention (and look great in the photos!).

Flower garlands, up 1154 per cent

Whether you have yours draped over a table or swung under lights, flowers are proving a big part of wedding decor — the more the better! Floral garlands have seen a huge increase in popularity, increasing a massive 1154 per cent.

Below, we round up even more wedding trends to expect in 2019:

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