The Hidden NSFW Detail On Gillian Anderson’s Bridal Golden Globes Gown

It's giving ‘old money vibes, and vaginas’.
Gillian Anderson attends the 81st Golden Globes. Image: Getty

The Golden Globes is always a night of show-stopping fashion ensembles, and the 81st awards ceremony did not disappoint. One of the most glamorous celebrities to walk the red carpet was Sex Education and The Crown’s Gillian Anderson, who was resplendent in an off-white ballgown with a slightly bridal feel.

The strapless dress was a moment: simple, classic, even a little reserved. However, if you take a step closer it’s not the Grace Kelly daydream you might think (or, you know, maybe it is!)

The entire cream ballgown Anderson wore was embroidered with vulvas. Yes, she rocked yards-on-yards of white fabric emblazoned with the female anatomy.

We’re obsessed with this silhouette. Image: Getty

The starlet stopped to speak with Deadline about the dress, sharing that it was designed by Gabriela Hearst.

“It has vaginas on it,” she told the interviewer.

Shocked at her admission, and now taking a closer look, the reporter asked, “So, female anatomy, can we say?”

A close up on the vulvas. Image: Getty

Anderson agreed, and when asked why she had chosen to wear a dress covered in vulvas she simply replied, “For so many reasons. It’s brand appropriate.”

Of course, it is on brand, given than Gillian recently played sex therapist Dr. Jean F. Milburn in the hit Netflix series Sex Education.

Her fans were loving the choice of intriguing fabric, taking to Twitter to share their love for Anderson and Hearst’s creation.

What makes this dress so striking is the subversion of the expensive, old-money, ‘stiff-upper lip’ silhouette, by creating it out of a fabric that essentially a shrine to modern feminism and womanhood.

Florence Pugh said free the nipple, and Gillian Anderson said free the vulva!

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