Grace Kelly’s 20-Year-Old Granddaughter Looks Exactly Like Her

Meet Camille Gottlieb

No sooner had we got to know one of Grace Kelly’s granddaughters (new front row fixture Pauline Ducruet), another has entered the spotlight, thanks to her growing social media profile – and uncanny resemblance to her famous grandmother.

20-year-old Camille Gottlieb is the daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, who is Grace Kelly’s youngest child, and palace guard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb.

As the young royal has grown up, fans couldn’t help but notice how much her bright blue eyes, light brown hair and overall facial features remind them of her late grandmother, who left her life as an American actress to marry Prince Rainier III in Monaco in April 1956.

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Despite being of royal descent, Gottlieb is not in line for the throne because her parents never married, Harper’s Bazaar UK reports.

In fact, Gottlieb isn’t even listed on her birth certificate, even though he’s openly acknowledged as Camille’s father. Camille even refers to him as such on her Instagram.

23-year-old Pauline Ducret, another Grace Kelly granddaughter, is Camille’s half-sister. Pauline’s father, Daniel Ducruet, was Princess Stephanie’s bodyguard, then husband, before they divorced in 1996.

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