Hailey Baldwin Responds to Those Pregnancy Rumours

And she really shouldn’t have to

When Hailey Baldwin wore a fuzzy pink mini-dress with thigh-high red boots to the Daily Front Row’s third annual fashion awards on April 2, she probably knew she’d cop some flack.

And that she did: but not for the reasons you might expect.

Rather than take on the questionable pink/red colour choice, the internet decided to direct their attention to Baldwin’s waistline. And before you could say, ‘is that pink fur?’, Hailey Baldwin was declared pregnant.

Which, for the record, she isn’t. She’s just wearing a dress that accentuates her actually-flat-as-a-tack tummy.

Not that we need to defend her – in two hilarious tweets, Hailey proved she’s capable of doing that all by herself:


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