Jodi Gordon Talks Us Through Her Top Spring Racing Fashion Tips

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As spring racing kicks off, we sat down with seasoned expert Jodi Gordon to chat race day dos and don’ts, beauty tips and whether wearing heels is worth the pain. 

You look gorgeous in your Instagram photo! Who are you wearing for today’s spring racing event?

I was wearing Elliatt, I’ve done a couple of changes today but in that one Elliatt and a Mimco headpiece which I absolutely love.  

How do you choose your outfits for race days? What do you always consider?

I start with what I feel comfortable in, in terms of what styles suit my body shape. Usually, I’ll go for a colour or print and build the outfit from that – find the right headpiece that matches it. It’s a little bit of work, takes a couple of months [laughs].

So something that’s comfortable and a bit of fun?

Yeah! I think it’s a mixture of sticking with the race day guidelines and then injecting your own personality and bringing in a couple of trends and making it interesting. I like mixing it all together!

For people who haven’t been before, what are a few style tips?

I would say finding which silhouette suits and compliments your body shape first. Then find out what your colours are, play around with prints and different fabrics as well. 

It’s about following the guidelines – Derby Day is black and white, Melbourne Cup is colour and Oaks is softer and more feminine – I think if you stick in line with those rules and have a bit of fun. 

Which designers would you recommend race-goers look at?

Elliatt, which is a new brand to Myer – it’s slightly younger, a bit more fun and good prints. You’ve got your Toni Maticevski and Alex Perry which are always a favourite. Cue do really amazing pieces as well, great uses of colour.

What about comfortable shoes? 

You’re talking to the wrong girl! [Laughs]. I’m all about the uncomfortable shoes and big heels and I suffer, I do suffer. If it’s your first race day, maybe you do want to get a slightly lower heel – I know Tony Bianco do a really great half-heel which look amazing. I am sitting down for the first three hours for Fashion on the Fields, so I’m a bit of a cheater in that sense. But once I’m at the Myer Marquee, I’m standing the whole time and having a dance and my feet absolutely suffer by the end of it!

jodi gordon

What’s your favourite of the spring racing days?

It used to be Derby, because people push the fashion boundaries a lot more due to only being able to wear black, white, or grey. But I’m enjoying Cup day more now because I’m generally more of a black, white, brown and grey girl personally, so it’s nice to experiment with colour which I feel like I’m doing more and more. 

How do you approach headwear?

You always have to wear something on your head – whether it’s a fascinator or a hat or even a bow – I think that’s a really important element that ties your outfit together. It’s also a way to have a bit of fun and show off your personality, that’s where you can take a couple of risks. 

What is your favourite races outfit of all time? 

I love the Roskanda one that I wore last year, it was pink and I had a big pink bow in my hair as well. It was feminine and pretty which I liked for Cup day.

What are your race day beauty tips? What do you do in the lead-up?

I go to Liberty Belle Skin Centre and have this thing called the Dermasweep, which takes off dead skin and hydrates. I think it’s important to prep your skin before a race day or event. Pop on a mask the night before to hydrate your skin, then lots of suncream and moisturisor.  

Do you go bold with your makeup or more understated?

I think if you keep it fresh, bronzy and beautiful and dewy it’s always better. I’ve gone with dark eyes or a bold look for the races before and it always looks great at the start but by the end of the day, it wears off. 

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