The Intense Regime Kim Kardashian Followed Before The Met Gala

"I definitely need to mentally prepare"

Being the biggest fashion event of the year, celebrities don’t take walking the Met Gala red carpet lightly. In preparation for yesterday’s A-list extravaganza, Kim Kardashian followed an intense diet, which she revealed on her app.

The mother-of-three started the Sunfare Optimal Cleanse, saying that though she had been strict with working out, she had been tempted with treats. 

“I have the Met Gala coming up and I’ve worked so hard working out, but I started eating a lot of sweets and I wanted to just change my food patterns to eat healthier and cut sugar out of my life as much as I can,” she wrote, prior to the big day.

“We always have sweets around and it’s really hard when there are temptations everywhere.” 

At the time, Kim was on the third day of the cleanse, saying: “I’m SO excited to do this, you guys, but I definitely need to mentally prepare, lol.”

Described on its website as a “limited-cycle, full body detox,” the Sunfare Optimal Cleanse starts off with two-to-four solid meals a day, focusing on lean proteins, leafy salads and vegetables, before introducing a purely liquid diet for days four through to six. 

In true Kardashian form, the plan doesn’t come cheap at $854 AUD for the 10-day program. 

Kim Kardashian met gala

As for the results, we’re pretty sure the above photo speaks for itself. 

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