Kristin Davis Says “Tears Were Shed” During Sex And The City Dress Fittings


It’s 20 years since the first episode of Sex and the City first aired, and yet we’re still learning new intel on the series that defined a generation. The latest SATC goss comes direct from Charlotte Kristin Davis herself – and it’s enough to make any woman cringe.

Speaking at a fan event co-hosted by @everyoutfitonSATC, Davis revealed the suffering the cast endured for some of the show’s most iconic outfits, WWD reports. 

Case in point: the Thierry Mugler design Davis wore in the Power Lesbian episode.

“I’m so curvy they had to steam me in and out of it,” Davis revealed. “During those fittings, tears were shed.”

She also shared tales of 2am fittings following a grueling day/night of filming.

“We would wrap at 2am. They would say, ‘you have a fitting’ [for the next episode]. We were not allowed to complain. We would be so tired.”

It gets worse: “We’d just be naked, sitting there, and sometimes delivery people would come and we’d be too tired to put our clothes back on. We did suffer for the outfits but that’s okay.”

Oh, the grit behind the glamour.

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