The Macgraw Designers Reveal What We Can Expect From Their Australian Fashion Week Show

The countdown is on!

What can we expect from your upcoming show?

“We’re showing in an incredibly unique and historical location so you can expect a grand entrance. We want to take our audience to another time.” – Tessa.

“Silhouettes will be romantic and floaty with a Victorian touch, square necklines in a rich colour palette.” – Beth

What trends do you predict will be big this season?

“Individual style is something that translates season after season. It’s all about an individual’s take on a piece and how they integrate it into their wardrobe.” – Tessa

“Slow fashion! Caring about the environment and the incredible people that made your clothes.” – Beth

Who would you most love to dress?

“Kirsten Dunst and Solange!” – Tessa

“Emma Stone.” – Beth 

Can you describe the macgraw woman?

“Our woman has a youthful wit and a penchant for detail oriented design. She’s definitely a lady, albeit an irreverent one. She dresses for herself and doesn’t take herself too seriously.” – Tessa

“The macgraw woman is very much a young Parisian at heart. Super nonchalant and effortlessly cool. She has fun with fashion but always stays true to her own style.” – Beth

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve been given?

“The absolute best advice I was ever given was to find your aesthetic and stick to it.” – Tessa

“Everyone always seems to have a lot of advice for you in this industry (which isn’t always helpful!). The best advice given was to surround yourself with people you trust and respect. You can’t listen to everyone – it can be stifling and hold you back. Oh, and it’s not a race. Take your time.” – Beth.

What’s your career highlight?

“Presenting our Woolmark capsule collection to Dame Natalie Massenet, Victoria Beckham and Lou Doillon in Paris. We innovated a luxury merino lace that Natalie described ‘a dream come true’. That was pretty special.” – Tessa

“Julianne Moore wearing macgraw! She is an incredible woman.” – Beth

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